StoryLine 952-352-1350

Now an excellent children's book is just a phone call away!
Call anytime to hear a local actor read aloud a great story.

*Except where long distance charges may apply.

Welcome to StoryLine! 

StoryLine is a phone system that children can call at any time (24/7) and listen to a story for free*.  The stories are read by local performing artists.  Check our calendar to see what story is playing.

The best stories for read-aloud are listed under "Stories". "Lists" contains lists of stories by theme.

The goal is to increase literacy by making stories always accessible and making literature enjoyable.  The U.S. Commission on Reading report “Becoming a Nation of Readers” states that “…reading aloud to children is the single most important activity for building the knowledge required for eventual success in reading,”  which is linked to success in school.  StoryLine is another way for children to get that all-important 20 minutes a day of reading.   And it is simple enough for a child to access independently. 

StoryLine is really very simple--just three easy steps:

    1. Pick-up the phone
    2. Dial 952-352-1350
    3. Listen to a local Minnesota actor reading a wonderful children's book.

Give it a try! Call now - 952.352.1350

*The program itself is free. Long distance charges may apply depending on your carrier. The program runs out of the St. Paul/Minneapolis metro area.


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